Paul Maged

Paul Maged's new politically charged song, "The Resistance", available now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon! 

Paul Maged The Resistance artwork

“The Resistance” opens with a tough, muscular beat and thick, powerful guitars surging with dark colors and deep tones. Snarling guitar licks accent the dense compact feel of the tune. The substantial crunch of the drums infuses the music with a brawny rhythm, as the bass line throbs with profound bulk. A dirty guitar solo provides scowling energy, as Maged’s growling voice exudes penetrating, cutting hues full of imminent dynamism. There’s a tight, opaque, suppressed urgency suffusing Maged’s voice, pervading his articulation with relentless intensity.

The video gushes with Orwellian visuals and palpable intractable turbulence, utilizing images of protestors, fulminating anger, and the notorious realities of resistance to authority. “The Resistance” is a powerful song with a compelling message." - Randall Radic - Tatoo.com