Fans and Critics alike are raving about Paul Maged's epic new hard rock song, "The Wild"!

In it's first week 'The Wild' was #1 on the 365 Radio Network Charts. Check out what the critics are saying about Paul's new song and be sure to download it on iTunes,Spotify, Amazon & more!Paul Maged

  • "Man Unleashed: Paul Maged is back with a "Wild" new single -
  • "Paul Maged is back with a vengeance" - Palace of Rock
  • "The Wild is propelled by tasty guitar licks and Maged's supremely rocked out vocals" - American Pancake
  • "Maged showcases his strong rock soul" -
  • "The most impressive effort from Maged I've heard yet" - Obscure Sound
  • "A smoking hot heavy metal song combined with psychedelically tinged alternative rock" - Music Street Journal 

Paul Maged & The Strangers Live Worldwide!

Paul Maged & his band The Strangers will be the featured act on MNN's popular TPaul Maged Live Flyer Worldwide StreamV show "R U A Star" on Tuesday night June 28th at 11pm. Paul will be debuting new music of his forthcoming release as well as performing his most recent single "The Wild" and favorites off his critically acclaimed album, "Diamonds & Demons". The show airs live on TV at 11pm on the MNN lifestyle channel in New York City and will be streaming live worldwide.

Paul Maged's "Diamonds & Demons"

#1 album of the year" - Monoblogue music

"Paul Maged proves rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead; it just needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning." - 

Paul Maged's critically acclaimed Rock album "Diamonds & Demons" is available everywhere including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more! 4 panel eco wallet physical CD's can be purchased at CDbaby! 

Read what the press are saying about D&D!!!Paul Maged Cover Art Diamonds & Demons

  • "Satisfying Paul Maged's artistic ambitions will never be easy. This writer wants to and plans on going everywhere with his songwriting. Nothing is off limits or out of reach. His talents are spilling over on Diamonds and Demons, blazing with the unquestionable fire of an artist grasping the full extent of their powers."
  • "Paul Maged is flat out awesome!" -
  • "#1 album of the year"
  • "Paul Maged hits with honesty" -
  • "Maged’s music defies categorization." -Scallywagmagazine
  • “Diamonds and Demons” makes us look at ourselves in an entirely different way. Maged pulls on real life situations to express the real life issues we face every day. He takes the hard stuff, the tough stuff and turns it into a musical sound bite that challenges us to face up to what society is doing to itself. He takes the personal side of tragedy and turns it into a inspiration to overcome." - Nashvillemusicguide
  • "Look at Me is a monster of a mission statement." -Thecutpricejukebox
  • "Awesome in-your-face rock, entertaining, fun, and ferociously candid." -
  • "Charged with political stance and thought, Paul Maged's second album titled Diamonds & Demons is in your face and carries some strong personal opinions that one might do well to prick an ear to."
  • "Fun stuff from this NYC-based singer/songwriter" - 
  • "The rousing lead-off track and first single, “Look at Me,” spits sarcastic venom. The song rips, with a commanding vocal performance from Maged. The song is a winner." 



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