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Paul Maged

The Stage

by Paul Maged

Released 2012
Released 2012
"The Stage" tells the story about an Artist, on any level whether it's music, acting, comedy or dance, and how we all do it for the love of the art and the process, and nothing else; Sometimes sacrificing family and money, yet we'll die trying...
"The Stage" is Paul Maged's first new song release in over five years. It will be on Paul's forthcoming album, "Images". Though more of an album cut and not a traditional single, Paul thought it was the perfect first song to be released off the new record because of it's autobiographical elements, what it stands for and the story it conveys. "The Stage" is the story of an Artist who's sole passion in life is to express their creativity, not for monetary value or fame but to simply satisfy one's purpose and soul.