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Paul Maged

The Wild

by Paul Maged

Released 2016
Released 2016
Paul Maged's first song released since his critically acclaimed album, "Diamonds & Demons" is one of his hardest rocking songs to date. "The Wild" represents Maged at his darkest & most raw; peeling away layers of emotional angst & vulnerability.
Paul Maged is back with a vengeance on "The Wild", his first song released since his critically acclaimed modern rock album, "Diamonds & Demons" in 2014. 'The Wild' is an epic hard rock Maged anthem, diving in and exploring the mind and the brain at the exact moment we lose control; the state of anger and despair we reach when we lose command of reasonable thought. Maged continues to peel back layers of himself within his music, slipping into the character of 'The Wild' as a man possessed; someone who knows they are in this state but can do nothing until it passes, which could be too late.

Produced by Multi-Platinum Producer Sean Gill who also produced 'Diamonds & Demons' and backed by his stellar band led by Ari Friedman on Lead Guitar/Bass & Marc Hoffman on Drums), 'The Wild' ups the ante for Maged in the rock spectrum and finds him in his most raw, expressive and vulnerable state.