Fight To The Death - New EP Coming Soon!

After a detour to release my single, "The Resistance" I'm excited to report that my final EP in my EP trilogy, "Fight To The Death", is going to be released in June 2019. A release date will be announced very soon. We also have 3 videos for the album that I believe are the best videos to represent my music to date. As usual the EP will be on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. This EP, along with the previous two "Light Years Away" and "The Glass River", complete a chapter of music I've written between 2016-2018 and signifies the end of this chapter. The song "Off In The Distance" on this record symbolizes the end of something important, nostalgic and emotional but also looks at the future in a positive light (as positive as I can be), a new beginning. On my home page is the official artwork to the EP and represents darkness and light, good and evil, life and death. Heavy huh?

Tracklist for the album:

1. Fight To The Death

2. Life Goes By

3. Nightstalker

4. Off In The Distance

5. The Resistance

6. Life Goes By reprise & Illusions prelude

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