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Paul Maged Delivers Brilliance on 'Culture War'

Paul Maged Delivers Brilliance on Culture War. Paul Maged; Noun. Singer-songwriter rocker also known as “The Maged Man.” It’s use in a sentence; At a time when rock music is flatlining, Paul Maged, with.guitarist John Polimeni, just handed the genre the defibrillator it needs to shock our collective rock and roll sensibilities back to life. In the wild and wacky world of music, there are guitar players. There are singers. There are songwriters. If you could tackle any one of these talents with a unique passion and strong ability, you can find your own success. Paul Maged is like the Mike Trout of rock; a five-tool player. He can rock out. He can sing. He can write catchy fun songs. He possesses an otherworldly gift to create melodies that sneak deep into your subconscious and stay way longer than expected. And the dude’s lyric game in legit! All this and more is on full display on Maged’s latest album, Culture War. Throughout its ten-song run time, Maged delivers the same level of brilliance and professionalism his fans have come to expect.The album’s title track kicks off the party and it’s fun, rambunctious vibe is only outmatched by the pulsing bass driving things along. Oh, and those sweet quick little Iron Maiden like lead guitar runs from Polimeni. Maged proved previously on “PC Police” that he could not only write a catchy as hell song, but he could incorporate his biting sense of humor into his lyrics. When some musicians raid the social issue cookie jar for lyrical inspiration, a lot of times you find flaccid, cynical dredge that comes off preachy and pretentious. With Maged, there’s a mischievous smile that runs with his music. He’s not cynical. He’s honest. And in some ways, he’s taking the piss out of what is happening all around us. Look no further than the album’s standout track, “Lose Your Privilege.” Maged makes his point in a sea of rock n’ roll glory with a slight Jack Black-ness to his voice. As if you needed more reason to dig this song, there, now you have it! “Jeanie is a Rockstar” takes a page out of the Ramones book with its title’s illusion to “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” That’s good company! Between the intro bass and the flashy guitar work, the high energy track wonderfully straddles the line between arena-metal and pop-glory. The guitars. The chorus. The song has everything you need to rock out and more! The slow down at the end also more proof of the brilliance of Maged and Polimeni. The album closer, “When Dreams Come True” should be playing on your local rock radio station. It’s folky, fun and inspirational. Most songs would be happy to have one hook; let alone the abundance “When Dreams Come True” has. The perfect track to close out the album, it does what every great album closer should do; leaves you wanting more. Culture War leaves you wanting more. In this crazy year of 2020, Christmas may have come early with Culture War. Paul Maged’s talent knows no bound. He can rock as well as he can shred as well as he can possess you with a melody. A five-tool musician in an era where that skillset is worth its weight in gold, Paul Maged sits perfectly in that Foo Fighters, Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age neighborhood of rock. You can check out Paul Maged’s Culture War, his fifth studio album on Spotify and can also check out his music videos on Youtube.” - Joe Hughes

Alternative Nation

Paul Maged uses big rock energy to spread cultural awareness

Paul Maged uses big rock energy to spread cultural awareness on Culture War. o be awake in 2020 is to be aware of shifting tides and polarizing opinions. For Paul Maged, addressing this was important — especially with his influences dipped in punk and rock: two genres known for taking a stand. On Culture War, Maged confronts politics with genre shifts and storytelling: weaving something that is at once personal and public. “Culture War” launches into the spirit of callouts with big energy and melodic vocals, followed closely by a riveting electric guitar. Here, the problems are listed and unpacked before “Lose Your Privilege” and “Cult 45” take the subject matter further. Good fights hate on the former, and the present moment spills out from the latter. Paul Maged is more than a rock and roll activist, he is also a storyteller, and nowhere is this more clear than on “Illusions”, which tells a dystopian tale with the addition of a neutral voice. Sure, there is critique here, but there is also a sense of connection. As a bonus, it has one of the catchiest riffs on the record. Genre also refuses to be pinned down, and Maged shows his chops with an optimistic ballad, “We Are”, that is twofold. This, along with “Shine On Your Light”, serves as the optimistic high point of the record, while also finding variation in musical tone. The grandness lingers on until “When Dreams Don’t Come True”, which closes the record on a more acoustic note with a pop melody. To be stagnant is to give in, and with all elements of Culture War, Paul Maged rebels against this and the current systems of oppression that sometimes seem to surround us. ” - Kaitlin Ruether

New Sick Music

Paul Maged hits hard on Culture War.

On Culture War, Paul Maged speaks his mind and refuses to pull his punches. The album begins with the title track, opening on a punk-flavored melody riding a ferociously driving rhythm as Paul’s searing voice infuses the lyrics with tight, rasping urgency. I love the luminous flame of the lead guitar on this track. Highlights include “Lose Your Privilege,” a grinding, powerful alt-rock tune with hints of ‘80s power rock reminiscent of Dio. Deep, growling guitars pump out hefty layers of muscle, while Paul’s evocative voice narrates the complicity of white privilege. “Cult 45” seethes with snarling punk oomph as grimacing guitars push out blistering tones and the lyrics tell the tale of political machinations and corruption. “Jeannie Is A Rockstar” conjures up visions of Disturbed covering The Offspring, combining scorching guitar riffs with raw punk flavors. The last track, “When Dreams Come True,” projects tints of Mid-Western alt-rock rolling out on a fat, pulsing melody topped by Paul’s delicious tenor. Surging with visceral alt-rock and punk savors, Culture War delivers music rife with muscle, pounding rhythms, and the deluxe lyricism of Paul Maged.” - Randall Radic

NYC musician Paul Maged releases his bold 5th studio album

New York City-based (by way of Boston originally) veteran musician Paul Maged released his bold, tuneful, and socio-politically relevant 5th studio album, Culture War, on November 3rd. The LP quite appropriately dropped on Election Day in the U.S. The punk rock and rock ‘n’ roll-inspired singer-songwriter gives it his all, on a personal and political record that captures the current chaotic and divided American zeitgeist. Culture War follows up previous album Diamonds & Demons from 2014. Maged tells it like it is, and titles like “Lose Your Privilege” and “Cult 45” pretty much sum up the socio-politically pointed nature of his lyrics. Social injustice, systemic corruption, and destructive leaders abusing their power are all fodder for his active and perceptive mind. Maged comments, “Nobody writes protest songs anymore. Major artists used to write protest songs. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan. You just don’t see that anymore because all popular artists today are so neatly packaged to appeal to the masses and no one wants to ruffle any feathers. I may not be a big artist but I have to speak my truth and I know I’m not alone in how I feel.” While protest songs are part of the album, there’s also plenty of deep personal exploration of family ties and loss, following your dreams, and overcoming setbacks in life.” - Jen Dan

The Big Takeover

Paul Maged Rises Above On "Free To Fly"

Paul’s new single is a creative departure from much of his earlier Alternative Rock work. The composer’s classical training really shines through on “Free to Fly.” At the heart of the track is a beautifully melodic piano arrangement with interwoven layers of synths and percussion. The song highlights the singer’s impressive vocal range as he navigates through octaves with ease. I particularly like the vocal harmonies in the bridge. The tune’s stratospheric imagery lends a sci-fi feel. That, combined with the complex song structure give the overall production a cool Prog-Rock vibe.“Free to Fly” is a beautiful and uplifting song for some challenging times. ” - Bob Smith

Static Dive

New York Rocker, Paul Maged, continues to charge forward musically from a place of consciousness and awareness throughout his latest EP release, ‘Fight To The Death’.” - Jessica Golich

Life Beyond The Music

Following the release of his political protest song “The Resistance” last October, NYC-based artist Paul Maged returns with the EP Fight to the Death, the third and final album in Maged’s EP trilogy, after Light Years Away and The Glass River. The release’s self-titled track is a thunderous rocker, touting a fierce vocal lead and a blistering guitar solo as the three-minute mark approaches. Elements of alternative and punk are certainly prevalent, especially in the venomous, multi-layered vocal production with a sort of menacing call-and-response approach. Thematically, the EP “explores different sides of the human consciousness.” it’s another intriguing, engaging release from Maged.”

Mike Mineo -

There’s a good chance that you’ll walk away from these six tracks with “Nightstalker” playing over and over in your head. Each sultry melody is more contagious than the last. The left turns into a prog-rock masterpiece will evoke a glorious “WTF” from even the most varied listeners. In four minutes and twenty-three seconds, Maged accomplishes in one track what lesser artists attempt to over the course of entire albums.”

Joe Hughes - Alternative Nation

THIS ECLECTIC ARTIST WILL HAVE YOU SECOND-GUESSING AND LEFT IN WONDER. Paul Maged’s ‘The Glass River’ is quite possibly the greatest and most entertaining album you will ever listen to. ”

Mase Shaw

Paul Maged has written a protest song, “The Resistance” and it’s not just opinion and clever lyrics, it’s really excellent, hard driving, toe-tapping, head-banging rock.He uses his gorgeous, intense voice to raise the stakes in every verse, fully supported with brilliant guitar riffs and punchy rhythms. This track sounds like the opening to a rock opera, revolution in the air, full on character assassination, inspiring anthemic roaring. It’s quite the action exhortation and just gets better and better with each play…I’m a believer!!”

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Music Review: Paul Maged - 'The Glass River' Delivers Incisive Social Commentary”

Randall Radic